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Attention to detail creating beautiful elegant wedding cakes

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

My wedding cake style

It gives me a burst of excitement when I get an order for a wedding cake which involves working with sugar and wafer flowers. I love it when a client has a specific cake vision that they would like me to create.

Why would you choose sugar and wafer flowers over real flowers?

Sugar and wafer flowers give your cake that WOW Factor!
It makes it even more amazing when someone asks are these flowers real? To be able to create edible flowers that are questionable to whether they are real or not, I feel adds even more value to your cake and shows the intricacy and detail of the work that has gone into creating your wedding cake. A wedding cake is a huge part of a wedding ceremony, not only does it taste good, it becomes the centre piece of your beautiful day.
It is my desire to create a wedding cake to remain in your memories forever.

Sugar and wafer flowers are made to imitate fresh flowers. When a specific fresh flower is not in season, they can be made in advance as they will not wilt, they are also food safe so you will not need to worry about poisonous flowers. They can easily match your outfit or wedding venue decor or theme.
All handmade sugar or wafer flowers can be framed and kept as a keep sake forever as memory of your special day, never to be forgotten.

I love working with intricate details on my wedding cakes and felt it is important to know a few facts and differences between sugar and wafer flowers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of hand-made

Wafer and Sugar flowers for wedding cakes

Below is a table showing the pros and cons of both wafer and sugar flowers.
This may help you decide which flowers would suit your wedding cake style best.

Wafer Flowers

Wafer flowers - Pros

Wafer flower - Cons

Light in weight

Not as realistic looking as sugar flowers as the veining in sugar flowers are more visable


Berries and curved 3D shapes are better achieved with sugar flowers

Does not break easily

Need a lot more concentration of colour to achieve a dark, bold or bright colour

Can be coloured, take pale colours better

Easy to transport

Can be preserved and kept as a keepsake

Quick to make as not much drying and setting time needed as sugar flowers

Wafer paper is edible

Examples of a Wafer paper

Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers - Pros

Sugar flowers - Cons

Can look very realistic, more than wafer flowers

Heavier in weight than wafer flowers can be an issue when assembling on a cake

Can also be preserved like wafer flowers once fully dried

Very fragile

Can take bright, dark and bold colours better than wafer flowers

Can easily break- need to be extremely gentle when handling

Takes longer to make than wafer flowers due to longer drying and setting times

Examples of Sugar flowers

Please keep in touch and follow my journey with more interesting stories, tips, and advise.
If you want to find out more about my cakes or make an enquiry please feel free to click the link to my website.
If you are getting married and want to order a wedding cake, get in touch, I would be happy yo have a chat.

I make beautiful elegant wedding cakes and can deliver cakes within a 45 mile radius of Loughborough.

Let me turn your vision into a reality,

Please get in touch, get your wedding cake ordered!

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